Development Assistant: Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)
At present micro-credit program has been spread throughout CHT and mainly run by giant national NGOs. In CHT till now, credit activities are normally delivered in the Upazila Headquarter, Market areas, densely populated areas and along the highway sides. Many national NGOs have been operating simultaneously in these points or places. As a results of it there has been overlapping seriously. Moreover, it is assumed that national micro-credit model which is designed for plain areas of Bangladesh does not applicable/suitale in diverge socio-economic context of CHT. In 2004, CIPD initiated formulate a micro-credit module applicable to specific socio-economic context of CHT. It is notable that the remote and sparsely populated rural people of CHT are normally deprived from getting credit facilities. In fact, till today local NGOs could not contribute comprehensively in micro-credit program in CHT due to lack of capacity and experience.

In 2004, CIPD started to deliver micro-credit service among the VGD beneficiaries and other rural poor with its own fund. In 2006 CIPD has obtained the membership of Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) the GOB organization responsible for providing loan capital to NGOs to deliver credit service to rural poor.


  1. To form self-help group;
  2. To reduce the poverty of the region;
  3. To create productive self-employment;
  4. To generate income generation for the rural mane and women;
  5. To provide credit facilities to the poor;
  6. To empower rural women through opening up the opportunities;
  7. To encourage savings to the rural communities.

Working Area & Coverage:

  • Union: Baghaichari, Marishya, Khedharmara, Rupakari, Sarbhuatuli, Sapchari, Rangamati Pourasava
  • Upazila: Baghaichari and Rangamati Sadar (1939 members)

Target Group:

  • Poor rural and urban man and women groups

Programme Area:

  • Rangamati Sadar and Bagaichari Upazilla

Beneficiaries Coverage:

  • 1500 beneficiaries in 50 groups Activities: Provide micro-credit support to rural community for income generation activity like poultry, livestock’s, homestead gardening etc.