(1)  Action Research on Alternative Development and Capacity Enhancement of Local NGO’s in CHT (ARAD-CHT). This project funded by EED being implemented by CIPD from 2008 -German in Rangamati, Khagrachari, Bandarban Hill District. The goal is to achieve a prosperous, self-reliant, self governed and just society where the Indigenous people can live with peace and dignity. For capacity enhancement Training of Facilitators (ToF) on Poverty Analysis, Development Understanding, Development Management, PAR, PSP, Culture for social workers and  advanced course  on Advocacy Work, Research methodology & Online Research, Project Management, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Indigenous Identity & Rights, Masculinity and Gender for Core facilitators were provided. 

(2)  Micro-Credit Programme: With a view to alleviate poverty, CIPD is providing micro-credit to poor communities in Rangamati Sadar and Baghaichari Upazila from 2007 as a partner of PKSF. It applied for certificate to Micro-credit Regulatory Authority which is now under process. It has 1500 beneficiaries with Tk 13,000,000 outstanding. 

(3) People’s Empowerment for Accessing Rights to Livelihoods (PEARL): For ensuring food security of the Jumia community and access to basic rights, CIPD in partnership with Himawanti is implementing this project in Rangamati sadar, Jurachari, Belaichari upazila. Rice bank management, IGA training, Fruit gardening, Homestead gardening, Livestock support, gender sensitization are the main component of the project. 

(4) Muralya Daru Tarum: With a view to preserve of Indigenous knowledge and culture Muralya Daru Tarum (herbal garden) on 12 acres of land at Mogban union, Rangamati being established and maintained by CIPD from 2010. 200 spices of herbs have been planted and a Boidya (Traditional healer) group were formed for encouraging practical application of Boidya Shastra and to provide traditional treatment to indigenous village community. 

(5) Muralya Daru Ghar: For marketing of indigenous herbs Muralya Daru Ghar (Dispensary) being set up at Hospital Road, Rangamati in August 2013. 200 species of herbs are made available for sale. 

(6) Ozoleng: An indigenous cultural display centre being established and maintained by CIPD at Rangamati. Indigenous handicrafts (wood, cane & bamboo), dresses, ornaments, CHT products, CHT publications etc being displayed and sale at Ozoleng.