Dedicated to the socio-economic advancement of the poor and disadvantaged communities



1.               Title of the Project: “Alternative Livelihood Options with Knowledge, Input and Training in Alekkhong (ALOKITA)


2.               Project Duration:  01 Year (July 2016 – June 2017)


3.               Project Budget: Amount in BDT 11,596,700 (One crore fifteen lac ninety six thousand  seven hundred only)


4.               Objective: “People in Alekkhong FR in the CHT have improved access to livelihoods improved options through increased skills”.


5. Immediate Objectives: 

a) Increase HHs income undertaking suitable IGAs to improve livelihood;

b) Increase HHs capacity to implement small project to address vulnerability;

c) Access to water facility for better hygiene & sanitation of the HHs;


6. Project Coverage:

Union           : Farua, BelaichariUpazila

Para             :13

Household     : 523

Population     : Male: 3377, Female: 1646, Disable: 21

Community   : Tanchangya, Chakma, Marma, Bengali and Tripura


7. Capacity Development

a)     Skill training on IGA

b)     Training on Tube well maintenance

c)     Training on Pump machine maintenance


8. Direct input delivery:

a)     Livelihood Packagegrant equivalent to 14,000 BDT to 100% HHs.  The packages are-(1) Crops Package, (2) Livestock, (3) Mixed Package includes both crops and livestock.

b)     Installation of Tube well

c)     Water pump machine


9. Grant Flow Chart:

CHTDF  → CIPD   →  PLDC   →  HHs


10. HR: PC-1, TO-2, CF-6, LSP-16-Total- 25




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