Dedicated to the socio-economic advancement of the poor and disadvantaged communities

(3) Implemented CHT Children’s Opportunity for Learning Enhanced- (CHOLEN) Project funded CARE Bangladesh at Baghaichari Upazila of Rangamati Hill District from May 2001-December 2005 in Baghaichari Upazila covering 2125 students of 15 schools. 

(4)Provided training on Social Awareness and Income Generation Activities (IGA) to 1460 Road Maintenance Project (RMP)’s beneficiaries funded World Food Programme (WFP) in Rangamati Sadar, Jurachari, Kaptai, Rajasthali Upazila of Rangamati district from January 2003 – June 2005. 

(5) CIPD developed a Micro-credit Module in context of  CHT Region in 2007 by support of Tebtebba Foundation of Philippines, an International NGO who has special consultative status to the United Nation Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). 

(6) Completed a project titled "Enhancement of Agri-production, Processing and Preservation" funded by World Bank (2006-2007). Under this project 400 fruit growers were trained on fruit production, semi food processing and marketing. 400 fruit growers were enlisted for forming a Growers Association. 

(7) Completed ''Grameen Nari Dakkata Briddi Prashikon Project'' funded by Bangladesh Freedom Foundation (BFF), Dhaka. Under the project 108 rural literate women were trained on basic Computer Application, Development Concept, Gender, ToT and Office Management. The Project Duration was 2005-2008. The aim and object of the project is to empower rural educated women to get GO/NGO job by enhancing practical skill on Office Management and development concept.

(8) In partnership with Bangladesh NGO-Forum for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation (DWSS), CIPD has successfully implemented ''Community Managed Water and Sanitation Project (CMWSP)''  in Jurachari Upazila of Rangamati Hill District during 2005-2007. Five Ring Well and 12 Rain Water Harvesting System were installed at community & household level.

(9) Completed project titled ''Homestead Food Production in CHT'' funded by Helen Keller International in Rangamati Sadar Upazila during September, 2005 -June 2008. 1050 households were directly benefited from this project. 25 Village Model Farm (VMF) were established. Poultry, Seeds, Seedlings etc. were distributed to the beneficiaries free of cost. 

(10) Completed "Relief Assistance to the People Affected by Rodent Crisis in CHT" Programme funded by WFP in 2008. This was a massive relief program (Rice, Oil, Biscuit etc.)  of the affected people in Jurachari, Barkal and Belaichari Upazila of Rangamati Hill District. More than 7000 families were received relief under the program for four months.  In the 2nd & 3rd phase as recovery periods, 960 HHs were provided rice, oil, and imparted IGA training.

(11) Completed " Birth Registration of Children in the Remote Areas of CHT'' funded by UNICEF in ten Upazila of Rangamati District in 2009.

(12) Completed Integrated Protected Area Co-Management (IPAC) funded by International Resources Group (IRG), USA at Kaptai Upazila in 2008-2010 to provide  high quality technical advisory services to GOB environment, forestry and fisheries agencies to support the further development of the natural resources sector and the conservation of biological diversity. The main activities were as follows-  

(a) Develop protected area strategy that applies to all ecologically and economically significant areas.

(b) Build technical capacity within national and local level institutions for protected areas co-management.

(c) Expand the geographic area of Bangladesh under co-management to ensure the long term success of co-management model.

(13) Completed Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) training a national food security programme of Bangladesh. CIPD is providing social awareness and IGA training to VGD beneficiaries (Women) since 2001 as a partner of Department of Women Affairs (DWA) of Bangladesh Government. During 2001-2011 period CIPD imparted training to 3264 beneficiaries.

(14) Community Empowerment and Economic Development (CE&ED) Programmefunded by UNDP-CHTDF is implemented by CIPD from March 2004 – September 2013 in all unions of Rangamati Sadar Upazila and Kaptai upazila. Under this programme 261 Pars (Village) Development Committees (PDC) were formed and Tk. 400000 distributed to each PDC.  

(15) Completed Empowerment Jumia Community and Promotion of Culture (EJCPC) project funded by Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) in October 2008- June 2013 in Jurachari and Belaichari Upazila with 2100 HHs. Under this project 20 Gram Surakkha Kamity (GSK) were formed for creating local leadership at union level, 24 Rice banks were established for ensuring food security of Jumia community.  

(16) Vote Education for CHT Rural Community: To create awareness on voting as basic human & citizen rights and to raise public confidence in election process, CIPD in partnership with Zabarang (Khagrachari) and Humanitarian Foundation (Bandarban) is implementing this project in CHT with the financial support of UNDP-(Democratic Governance Cluster) in December-2013 – January 2014.

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