Dedicated to the socio-economic advancement of the poor and disadvantaged communities

CIPD implemented CMWSP in Jurachari covering 300 HH in partnership with NGO Forum for  Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation in 2006 -2007. The objective:

  • To improve access to water supply service and facilities especially for the underserved Communities in CHT.
  • Project Goal is Sustainable improvement of health situation and quality of life of target community people, contributing toward poverty reduction.

Services:- CIPD organized orientation session on hygiene and safe water with the communities and provided Ring well-4, Rain water harvesting system- RWHS (household based)-10, RWHS (Community based)-2 with technical assistanec of BGO Forum-DSS. CIPD also established a Village SCentre (VSC) at Jurachari.

Rangamati Map

Khagrachari Map

Bandarban Map

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