Dedicated to the socio-economic advancement of the poor and disadvantaged communities

During his visit Stefan Priesner with high officials' local government officials in Rangamati, local staff at CHTDF Rangamati to exchange views and share their working experience.

CIPD the CHTDF partners in Rangamati Sadar Upazila has formed Syhleti Para PDC in April 2011 under Community Empowerment and Economic Development (CE&ED) program supported by CHTDF-UNDP. PDC has undertaken Cow Rearing, Goat Raring and nursery project as an income generation activities in order to uplift socio-economic status of the community. Md. Raisuddin, Vice president of PDC, Mr. Bikash Chakma, Secretary, Anowara Begum (Treasurer) welcomes Priesner to PDC and elaborated the PDC status. Mr. Priesner was accompanied by the Henrik Larsen, Director of CHTDF and other senior manager of CHTDF.

Sylheti Para PDC is operating in this area have both Bengali and Chakma members who work together and equally participate in major decision making in PDC activities. This shows that at the community level, a good understanding between different ethnic groups exist and help people live in harmony. He was very impressed to see the equal participation of both male and female in the PDC activities.

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