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This year the theme of the world environment day is “Forest: Nature at your service”. CIPD has been observing it at union level with different union with PDC, PNDG and UnFC members, traditional leaders, local leaders, civil society members, teachers, students, businessmen etc. Every year different activities and discussion held it for awakening people about importance and conservation of different elements of environment by which they can know about the effect of environment on their life and on the earth. Which also help them to take any eco- friendly decision that helps to keep their surrounding environment fresh and clean.     

Objectives:-The objectives of the world environment day are –
1)    To highlights the importance of forestation & effects of deforestation on planet.
2)    To disseminate about eco-friendly green technology and forestation.

Importance of the day: Due to alarming rate of deforestation in Bangladesh, the celebration of WED have a great importance in CHT. If we observe the present environmental condition in CHT then we can see that, the soil fertility, active waterfall no., the area of deep natural forest different species of wild animals, birds, insects, rare local forest and medicinal plants numbers decreasing, even some species of organisms and plant are near extinction. On the other hand, different exotic tree like teak, rubber etc. plantation has increased our soil erosion, decreases soil fertility. And the pollution of water, air and land is increasing. As a result, the condition of soil health, air, water, different organisms and plants are now near the edge of extinction. So, only environment friendly plantation or forestation and planning can help to overcome this condition. In these circumstances, it is necessary to take different kind of activities like campaign, seminar, meeting, awareness programme, drama, leaflet supply, talk show, day observation etc. which helps to give information, suggestion & condition of environment, living plants and organisms. And Environment Day Observation is really an effective means to do it. That’s why it can play an important role for conservation of CHT Nature.

Names of different Venue in Unions for Day observation

Sl. No. 
Date Union Place 
1 05.06.2011 Mogban Dhanpata Nutan Bazar 9.00
2 05.06.2011 Sapchari Guichari Headman Office 10.00
3 05.06.2011 Kutukchari Union Council Office 9.30
4 05.06.2011 Bandukvanga Kuramara Govt. Primary School 10.00
5 05.06.2011 Balukhali Duttang Primary School 9.30
6 05.06.2011 Jibtali Union Council Office 9.30
Participants: Name of union No. of participated PDC

Number of participant


Female   Total participant
1 Mogban 9 39 13 52
2 Sapchari 6 38 17 55
3 Kutukchari 19 42 28 70
4 Bandukbhanga 8 35 28 63
5 Balukhali 10 43 13 56
6 Jibtali 12 47 18 65
  Total 64 244 117 361

Description of the events: Before starting the programme the participants rally with banner for informing the world environment day and its theme. After rally discussion meeting was held on at different union level with different PDC members, traditional leaders, local leaders, civil society members, teachers, students, businessmen etc.   

Sapchari Union: In Sapchari union, Chairperson of the programme Karbari Laxmi Kumar Chakma informed about the forest condition of CHT and the causes of wither and fade of the waterfalls and water reservoir in CHT. Mr. Nandalal Dewan told about the effect of indiscriminate utilization of chemical fertilizer on crops and Jum field and on environment. Special guest and UPC of CE &ED project of CIPD Mr. Bimalendu Chakma told about the advantages of forest and eco-friendly technology and plantation. He also informed about the disadvantages of deforestation and importance of the conservation of biodiversity. He told everybody for planting ten bio- friendly plants for cutting one tree.

Kutukchari Union: In Kutukchari Union Karbari Mr. Prana Bahshi Chakma told about plantation for conservation of different species of wild animals, insects, birds & plant and creation of pollution free environment. Special guest Mr. Shenha Kumar Chakma told about different harmful gases of ozone layer and importance of animals in environment and in human life. He suggested to plant eco-friendly plant for keeping environment fresh and clean. Chairperson and Chairman of Kutukchari Union Mr. Prava Ronjan Chakma told for plantation and conservation of forest as well as the traditional medicinal plant for treatment different diseases.

Mogban Union: In Mogban union UnFC member Mr. Swapan Datta Chakma termed trees plants as a friend and source of different feed, medicine and materials of our daily life. He told for forestationtion for keeping our environment as a living place for our next generation. UnFC member Mr. Biswajith Chakma told the economic value of tree in life and in our national economy. Chairperson Mr. Arun Ranjan Chakma told the advantages of trees during natural disaster and importance of forest for balancing our environment. He termed tree as the major element for balancing the world environment.

Bandukvanga Union: In Bandukbhanga union, special guest and Headmaster of Kuramara Govt. Primary School Mr. Tarun Jyoti Chakma told different elements of environment. He termed the trees as the major component for keeping environment clean. Special guest, ACB&TO of CE&EDP Mr. Gyana Bikash Chakma told about the advantages of forest & importance of forest for diseases treatment & biodiversity. Chairperson of Kising Chara PDC Mr. Shanti Ranjan Chakma, told about the negative effect of over population on forest and biodiversity. Maschya para PDC chairperson Mr. Puspa Ranjan Chakma told about the necessity of education for bio-friendly forestation.    

Balukhali Union: In Balukhali union UnFC member Mr. Mayadhan Chakma told about the deforestation and exotic species like teak plantation & its devastating effect on land, water sources, production and biodiversity. UnFC member Ms. Basundhara Dewan told about the bad effect of teak plantation on land fertility, water resource & soil erosion. She informed about the deforestation & its effect for climate change. Teacher of Duttang Govt. Primary school Mr. Swadhin Kumnar Chakma told about the importance of forestation for balancing oxygen and carbon-di-oxide gas in atmosphere. He also told the necessity of forest for ecosystem. Chairperson of Egajyachari Para Unnayan committee told for eco-friendly tree plantation and forestation for saving and conserving different living organism of the world. Secretary of Dojori para unnayan committee told for conservation of wild animals and water resources in this area.

Jibtali Union: In Jibtali union, special guest Mr. Umesh Chakma told for the wither and fade of the waterfalls and water reservoir in CHT is the curse of deforestation. Special guest Mr. Promode Chakma opined that deforestation is the main cause of extinction of bear, fox, cuckoo and other wild animals. He told everybody for planting ten bio- friendly plants instead of cutting one tree and wild animal conservation. Special guest Karbari Mr. Umesh Chakma thanks CIPD for her socio-economic development and awareness activities environmental issues. He also added that CIPD initiative will make people conscious on social responsibilities on environment protection in future.

After discussion the guests of different sectors distributed different fruits and eco-friendly plants to different PDC members or institution of different unions.

Result achieved: Due to spontaneous participation of the large number of members of different stakeholders & sectors and their expression especially by different PDC members made the event effective. After getting different types of information like effect of deforestation, necessity of biodiversity, importance of eco-friendly plantation, disadvantages of exotic tree plantation like teak tree, they realized the importance of the day and they vowed to implement environment friendly project or activity and protect any kind of forest damaging activity or plan. This kind of realization or mentality will achieve the goal of the programme.

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